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Six Degrees Creative: The Story of How It Came to Be!

Why Six Degrees Creative?

Let me take you back to where it all started. I began contributing to EDM Identity in August 2015. At the time, I had no idea journalism would be an industry that brought me so much joy. EDM Identity gave me the platform to express myself creatively in a way I have never experienced. I began contributing by writing articles about my experiences at concerts as well as crafting press releases, opinion editorials, and artist interviews.

I quickly fell in love with the process of attending events and reporting on it. Writing about music was my way of bringing people into my world. My life. I love seeing people attend events they would not have otherwise attended because of the way I described my experience.

After a few years of writing at EDM Identity and using other photographer's photos in my articles I realized there weren't many photos that captured the essence of my experience. So, I bought a DSLR camera from a friend (shoutout Gabbie) and began learning from ye' olde' YouTube University. The more I learned the better I got at capturing moments that truly exemplified my experience.

I grew into the idea that I wanted the content in my articles to be 100% mine. From the text describing my experience to the photos supporting it. My first opportunity at fulfilling that growth was at SnowGlobe 2016. I will never forget the feeling of entering the photo pit for the first time. It was exhilarating. Right in front of me were my favorite artists performing and behind me were hundreds of smiling faces.

That SnowGlobe I photographed Porter Robinson, Flume, and RL Grime as well as many other artists. I knew I wanted to chase that feeling. On the plane ride home from Reno to San Diego I created and Instagram, Flipside Photo, and uploaded my first pictures. I completed my SnowGlobe review including my own photos and it made me feel so accomplished.

RL Grime @ SnowGlobe 2016
RL Grime @ SnowGlobe 2016; Photo Credit: Flipside Photo

Since 2017 I have learned a lot and grown my business in ways I never imagined. I diversified to include more of the services I offered like video, drone, and editing. I studied to get my Part 107 license in order to fly drones commercially. Now, I feel I have become a full-service photo, video, drone, and editing business.

Having expanded my services and vision I knew I had to rebrand...To start something new I could grow into. I wanted to have a brand that personified my dream, vision, and services. After weeks of brainstorming, Six Degrees Creative was born.

I felt a lot of potential in it, but the common factor in my brainstorm was always connection. Whether it was sending someone a photo from an event, supporting an artist with an article, or collaborating on a project I found value in connecting with people. When thinking about connection, the concept of the Six Degrees of Separation and Flower of Life came into mind. I aligned deeply with that symbolism. I truly feel we are all connected and that we thrive with unwavering support.

So, there you have it. That's how Six Degrees Creative came to be. Let's connect, collaborate, and create.

Connect with Six Degrees Creative and check out the website and Instagram to see what fun projects have been happening!

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